Somarco provides comprehensive services to meet the needs of the maritime port industry.

Somarco acts on behalf of the vessel’s owner to operate the management related to the care of ships in the ports of Chile. The service covers container ships and tramps, counting with a strategic alliance with the largest shipping company in China, COSCO Shipping.

Somarco carries out the logistics with shipowners and consignees to offer cargo spaces or complete vessels for the transport of goods.

Somarco acts as an ore storer and shipper in the north of the country, and is also a key player in the economic relations between Chile and Bolivia.

As a wharfage agent, Somarco carries out ship agency operations in the ports of Tocopilla and Mejillones.

Somarco’s shipowning area, through tender contracts and own ship operations, our company helps to improve connectivity in the southern part of the country.

All kinds of logistics and transportation solutions, through the link with our partner company, somartrans.

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